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Opportunities are everywhere. But often the path is unclear. We'll show you the way. At TGG, we zoom our focus from the forest — your industry, markets, competition and unique business vision....down to the trees — the fine points of creating communications that express your brand consistently and effectively.
Beauty and brains. What more could you ask for? Our inspired creative work is paired with business smarts — like marketing strategy, branding and competitive analysis.
Our team loves to learn and share what we know. Clients benefit from attentive listening and engaged collaboration — plus the insights we've gained from decades of experience. Add fresh, trend-forward awareness and it all comes together.
Creativity is the heart-beat of tgg brand marketing + design. Our portfolio spans start-ups to Fortune 100 brands, hospitality to manufacturing and consumer to B2B.
So check it out. We know you want to....
  1. The Savings Bank
    All Marketing Materials and Strategies Clients? Friends? After two decades of collaboration, the lines begin to blur. TGG is proud to be a part of this successful community bank's brand story, creating everything from logo to lobby signs.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  2. Westbrook
    Print Collateral, Annual Report Warm images and colors, compelling copy and lively layouts crafted for this client were designed to express the help and hope this important agency provides to our local community.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  3. Vadakin
    Logo, Brand Identity Template, Web Site, Print Collateral, Video, Event Management, Public Relations: A relationship forged by the founders of TGG and Vadakin, Inc., continues today, as these two now women-owned businesses partner to support the success and expansion of this very unique company located in Marietta, Ohio.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  4. Stonewall Resort
    Print Collateral, Advertising and E-communications: Thirteen years, several gold Addy's, double-digit growth and property expansion – TGG is so proud to be part of the Stonewall Resort's brand journey.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  5. Smith Orthodontics
    Logo, Stationery and Print Collateral: TGG developed a playful but professional logo to communicate Smith Orthodontics' friendly, warm and reassuring personality. Purple -- an uncommon color in identities for medical professions -- makes Smith Orthodontics distinctive within its market.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  6. Skamania Lodge
    Brand Identity, Print, Web, Electronic and Social Media Marketing Built from an enduring friendship and personal relationship with a West Virginia native, TGG's engagement with this luxury mountain resort on the Columbia River in Washington state has yielded record-breaking revenue results.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  7. Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
    Brand Identity Template, Print Collateral, Direct Mail, eMarketing, Marketing... ...Strategies: Bright colors, elegant textures and compelling copy, along with a brand identity management system were among the services TGG provided to this Caribbean Resort.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  8. Stonebridge Oilfield Services
    Logo, Website, Tradeshows, Print Advertising and Print Collateral: Founded by a geologist and 40-year veteran of the oil and gas industry, Stonebridge Oilfield Services provides drilling, completion and production services.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  9. River Region Surgical Specialists
    Logo and Identity, Website and Print Collateral: This warm and friendly specialist in Beckley, West Virginia, tapped TGG to design her logo, web site and supporting collateral. A combination of bright and traditional colors, original photography and medical illustrations represent her exceptional brand of care.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  10. Raleigh General Hospital
    Identity Update, Advertising, Print Collateral and Displays: Raleigh General Hospital is a trusted market leader in Beckley, West Virginia. Refining an existing logo and expanding the RGH identity with new, more expressive imagery and colors, TGG helped refresh this brand – then implemented the new thinking across tactics.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  11. Mountain Lakes Convention and Visitors Bureau
    Logo and Identity, Website and Print Collateral: TGG leveraged its deep experience in the West Virginia travel and tourism industry to support this start-up CVB in Lewis County, West Virginia.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  12. Lakeside Landing
    Logo, Website, Stationery, Displays and Print Collateral: Lakeside Landing is a proposed luxury retirement community in West Virginia. In addition to the examples shown, TGG provided PR and event management expertise.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  13. Shepherd Jones & Reddy
    Logo, Brand Identity, Web Site, Brochure Our designers captured the unique cultural blend of this Indiana law firm's female founders with warm colors and textures.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  14. Eramet Marietta
    Print Campaigns, Collateral, Event Marketing, Interior Branding Initially engaged to support the community outreach efforts of the subsidiary of Paris-based Eramet Group,TGG continues to support Eramet Marietta with its graphic design and event marketing talents.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  15. ARC
    Logo Refinements, Brochure with inserts, Trade Show Environment Team TGG had the honor of crafting the very first marketing pieces for this department within the then United States Bureau of Public Debt. A substantial paper and gold foiled seal selected for the folder expresses credibility, and the strategy of Individual inserts was employed to clearly separate areas of service.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  16. Artsbridge
    Print Collateral, Billboards, Signage, Web Site: TGG's team applied its heart for the arts to support this non-profit's goals and mission for several years.
    tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
  17. Fibrox
    Website, Trade Show Environment, Print Collateral A world leader in mineral fiber technology, Fibrox turned to TGG for design and development of a new website, as well as a refreshed trade show presence and sales literature.
  18. Peoples Bank Theatre
    Brand Identity Standards, Collateral Templates, Marketing Plan The Historic Peoples Bank Theatre is a non-profit gem in Marietta, Ohio. TGG developed a marketing plan and expanded the brand identity beyond the existing logo to add textures, colors, typography and imagery standards.
    Peoples Bank Theatre
  19. Koreski & Estep
    This start-up accounting firm in the Mid-Ohio Valley is driven by smart, talented and experienced professionals who have lots of energy and ​warmth to share with their clients. The welcoming, colorful graphics and messages TGG utilized for their site, business cards and Facebook page reflect their approachable nature.
    Koreski & Estep
  20. Drake's Construction & Restoration
    Local businessman Brian Drake knows what he's about! Accurate project quotes, professional staff and trustworthy work "top to bottom, inside and out" are captured on his web site, all print collateral and in his new jingle for broadcast advertising – all crafted by TGG.
    Drake's Construction & Restoration
  21. Heritage Byways
    Logo, Website, Brochure, Marketing Plan TGG helped the Heritage Byways group of destination marketers develop a name and identity for their historically significant region of Northwestern West Virginia. A marketing plan was supported by website design and a brochure crafts from the TGG-developed brand identity.
    Heritage Byways


Hardworking and fun-loving.
Geeky, but hip.
Passionate and easy-going.
Paper and plastic. (Well, not really.)
The TGG team delivers all this and more to our clients and what we create for them.
The best way to learn more about us is to help us learn more about you.
Contact us today. Let's start a conversation.

cheryl ferrebee
owner + president
What really baffles me
Televisions and FAX machines
still amaze me.
I mean, how DO these things work?

On weekends, I love...
To clean and do yard work. It
gives me the
false impression that I am in control. 

What inspired me to do what I do
My 5th Grade teacher, Mr. Giddo told me I
"have an impressive command of the English language." So I ran with it! 

Super power
Understanding that this life is NOT the end gives me the power to be optimistic. 

tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio

martha mcmichael baker
brand strategist

Best advice 
God is in the details. – Mies van der Rohe
A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. – Emerson

The trick? Knowing which to apply when.

What really baffles me
Why dog and cat paws smell like Fritos

Super power
Appearing calm in the midst of chaos
(operative word: appearing)

Guilty pleasure
Diana Gabaldon novels


tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio

andrea munchmeyer
creative director

Slogan for life
“It takes a very long time to
become young.” 
Pablo Picasso

Best advice 
Surround yourself with people
that make you laugh. 

What inspired me to do what I do
I've loved to draw as long as I can remember but an assignment in the 3rd grade to illustrate scenes from a series of short stories absolutely had me smitten with the idea of bringing
stories to life with pictures. 

Super power
Saying “No".


tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio
tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio

audra schroeder
Odd Marketing and Designs,
strategic partner

Slogan for life
"Don't ask why, ask why not."

What really baffles me
What inspired me to do what I do?
The overpowering desire to eliminate
comic sans

Super power
The ability to eat my weight
in veggie pizza!

tgg marketing + design west virginia ohio

sarah drake
independent contractor

Slogan for life
​Travel often.​ 
What really baffles me
​Why cats run frantically around
the house at 3 AM.​
Best advice 

​Do what you love.​

On weekends, I love...
​To go outdoors.​


“We highly recommend the services of TGG Brand Marketing and Design. Cheryl and her team provide us with superior empathy, service and attention and we view them as a true partner in our business. They take the time to understand our business and our competitive environment. They consistently recommend successful strategies and solutions to our marketing and advertising needs. I honestly feel that Cheryl wakes up every day asking herself how she can help Stonewall Resort achieve its advertising and marketing objectives. We enjoy a work style of collaboration with TGG and they consistently deliver on all deadlines. Their attention to detail and accuracy is excellent.”
Steven C. Ludwig
Director of Sales and Marketing
Stonewall Resort

"TGG has been an essential part of my business growth. Everyone there has been wonderful to collaborate with and we have had many compliments on our marketing efforts. I always highly recommend TGG to my business colleagues!"
Dr. Amy Gerber Smith
Smith Orthodontics
“TGG Brand Marketing and Design and Cheryl Ferrebee have proven themselves to be an outstanding resource for the marketing initiatives of Raleigh General Hospital. The TGG team is responsive, creative and flexible and understands the fluid nature of the creative process. The initiatives they have assisted us with have been top-notch and have placed us in a more competitive position. TGG is a high-end, full-service agency whose talent we will continue to tap into for our ongoing marketing efforts.”
Kevin McGraw
Former Director of Marketing & Business Development
Raleigh General Hospital
“TGG went well beyond my expectations in understanding my heart, my business and my values behind it. Their comprehensive perspective enabled them to create an accurate brand identity model that captured our essence and purpose, helping direct the future of my business and helping me pursue my vision.”
Carla Wheaton Adkins
Decisive Synergy
"My company has worked with TGG Brand Marketing for close to 10 years, partnering with them on a variety of projects. Although their marketing expertise, wide range of services, and experienced team are among their many strengths, what I find most impressive about TGG is their concern for the success of their clients. I highly value TGG's insights into brand identity, design, and marketing, and I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come."
Tom Nagel
Midwest New Media


Marketing and design mark the starting point, right? Think again. The TGG think-tank begins every relationship by thinking through your unique needs and opportunities. And re-thinking the plan when our long-term clients face change. So we can think straight to do our best creative and strategic work — to deliver results that help you win in your markets. Makes you think, doesn't it?
Want more thought-provoking ideas? Check out our blog, Embraceable Brand.


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